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In March 1981, I was invited to assemble a group of hockey players to participate in an international hockey tournament in Grindelwald, Switzerland.

The team was made up of a fun loving group of young men from various educational and work experience backgrounds. Our star player was Dan Carbonneau from Connecticut whom was seeking to play professional hockey. The rest of us were there for the skiing, sightseeing and yes, the hockey tournament.The experience was so overwhelmingly fun, that although we didn’t win the tournament, we certainly enjoyed the experience enough to return the following year. On the flight home a new international company was born.

In 1983 onward, it was time to send some serious hockey teams to Europe. Afterall, two straight years of losing was enough to bear. I selected former Junior MajorA players from the Quebec League, and began touring, Holland, Belgium and France. They won most games and a great amount of the players were selected to play professional hockey in Europe. Some players are still there, married with lovely children and working in professional careers. In 1986 I had the great privilege of negotiating a professional contract for Michel Therrien, coach of the Montreal Canadians and formerly the Pittsburgh Penguins of the NHL.

Since 1981 I’ve organized over 265 hockey games, with 1710 players and accompanying friends. Most notably was a tour with the NHL Old Pros, with the likes of Maurice ‘’The Rocket’’ Richard as referee, players Henry Richard, Eddy Shack, Jim Neilson, Bob Nevin Brian and Gary Smith, to name a few. Personally I have made well over 100 trips establishing the sports network and accompanying groups.

All this could never have been accomplished without the cooperation of a network of hockey contacts throughout Europe. With the help of this networking, we are now in the process of promoting hockey trips to North America. Countries such as Sweden, Germany and France will be our first expansion countries to market.

At Present our new intentions are to bring Europeans to enjoy the many sites and sports venues of North America.

Personal Background: Three years in the Royal Canadian Navy, twelve years teaching high school, twenty years owner of a Senior Management Consultant Firm, servicing Multi-National Companies across Canada and the principal organizer of hockey tours in Europe.

We at SportSelect International look forward to working closely with you to assist in providing you and your team with the dream trip of your life. We have a custom made itinerary to fit all budgets and caliber of teams, both ladies and men for European and North American travel.

Sportingly yours,
Roger Anthony Bastien

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